What is BEED?

A revolutionary cannabis technology company that provides a diverse assortment of Machines and Capsules allowing customers to consistently enjoy the freshest, fastest, most fun joint rolling experience at the push of a button.

Beed is Fresh

Have you ever seen the inside of a preroll and been suprised at the sight? Fingers crossed that you haven’t and never have to experience this “what do you mean the Easter Bunny isn’t real moment.”

We’re not here to point fingers, because quite frankly the blame game could go on in a cyclical fashion from cultivator to brand to retailer to customer for eternity, but we are here to provide an alternative.

BEED Capsules are precisely packed with .5g of flower fresh from the farm and nitrogen flush sealed in our facility to preserve the full-spectrum properties of the plant for up to one year. And a shelf-life test conducted by 
CannaSafe actually showed that BEED Capsules preserve 45% more of the total terpenes than Mylar & 52% more than Glass Jars at the 3 month mark.

What does that mean for you? Farm fresh flower in every BEED joint.

Beed is Fast

What would you do with an exta 20 seconds? Not a question you’ve ever asked yourself? Well now’s the time to ask because after you drop in your cone, pop in the Capsule of your choosing and press the button you’ll have 20 seconds of newfound freedom before your joint is ready. The possibilities are endless.

You could:

Learn a few words in a new language. Call a friend or family member to tell them you love them. Write a short poem (Haiku anyone?). Have a quick snack. Work on your inbox (or maybe not). Run 200m (if you’re Usain Bolt). Wash your hands. Practice your elevator pitch. Or just enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet.

Beed is Fun

BEED provides consumers with maximum fun at minimum effort.

First there’s the Machine itself. From its eye-catching color palette & soft-touch handfeel to its lively LED indicators & playful joint dispensing action this appliance was designed to feel like your new, futuristic smoking buddy.

And then there’s the key ingredient, the flower. Offered in multiple effect-based varieties from a 1:1 THC/CBD blend (Be Better) to our Hash-Infused Indica (Be High) and packed into delightfully colorful, easily recyclable tubes and aluminum capsules. All you need to do is push the button, pop a BEED and enjoy the ride. 

Life is better with BEED.